Blinder was created by Steven Cothren and his company Solibyte Solutions LLC.

The goal is to save researchers valuable time by simplifying and standardizing a common task. Previously, researchers were using manual methods like file renaming and/or custom scripts to 'randomize' their image files and score them. This was time consuming for the researcher and introduced the risk of accidental bias.

Blinder randomizes the images, quickly presents them to the researcher for scoring and records the results. This standardizes the process and removes manual steps. Blinder also includes a Quality Control mechanism that enables the researcher to randomly score the same image multiple times to verify that their scoring system is specific enough and that their score selections are consistent.


Have a feature request, a bug to report or need help?

Send an email to products@solibytesolutions.com

If it is a bug report, please include the version # of Blinder and as many details as you can. If there are certain images that are causing the problem then it would be helpful for you to include those too.


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